Pennsylvania German folk artist Daniel Strawser creates whimsical wood carvings reminiscent to those done hundreds of years ago in the same part of the country. With his blanks roughed out on a band saw, and whittled only with a pocket knife, Strawser's carvings are individually hand painted and antiqued for an age-old feel and finish. Each carving is signed by Strawser himself

Strawser has been carving since the late 1960's when his interest was sparked through a local history class and an introduction to Pennsylvania German decorative arts. Through the years his works have earned a place in private collections, museums, historical societies,  libraries, exhibits and gift shops around the world as well as numerous magazines and even a few television spots.

Strawser's carving career began in Berks County, Pennsylvania where he resided until the mid 1980's at which point he relocated to middle Tennessee. After retiring from his day job in the late 90's, Strawser returned to Pennsylvania where he lived in Chester County until recently  moving to Maine.

Daniel Strawser, Sr. 1011 Biscay Rd, Bremen, ME 04551
phone: (207)529-2109 

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